Who we are?

Arising Bihar is an agri-venture established by visionary and trained agriculture professionals to link holders of smallfarm to the markets (input and output). The main objective of Aising Bihar is to enhance production, productivity and profitability of Producers, especially small farmers in Bihar, making them self-reliant and prosperous.

We are a Producer organsation supporting producers for maintenance and custom hiring of farm equipment, sale of inputs and other services in agriculture and allied areas, including post harvest management and market linkages for income generation and entrepreneurship development. Making producers able to leverage collective strength and bargaining power to access financial and non-financial inputs and services and appropriate technologies leading to reduction in transaction costs. Getting them entry into high value markets and enter into partnerships with private entities on equitable terms.

We take care of the entire supply chain bringing in vertical integration in the traditional fragmented supply chains with need-based long term business plans. Creating opportunities for producers to get involved in value all supply chain activities such as input supply, credit, processing, marketing and distribution.

rice plant

What we do?

Our main activities consist of production, harvesting, processing, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, export of produce, import of goods or services for the benefits of member Producers.

Aggregating the farmers in order to benefit them from economies of scale. Helping in reducing the transaction costs and provide a forum for producers to share information, coordinate activities and make collective decisions.

Link smallholders to the input and/or output markets providing for sharing of profits/benefits among the members.

We provide expert advice and services to farmers on various technologies including soil health, cropping practices, plant protection, crop insurance, post harvest technology and clinical services for animals, feed and fodder management, prices of various crops in the market etc. resulting enhance productivity of crops/animals and increased income to farmers.

Provide gainful self-employment opportunities to unemployed agricultural graduates, agricultural diploma holders, intermediate in agriculture and biological science graduates with PG in agri-related courses.